Rob's Top 5 highlights from Atlassian Summit 2019.

A week with the Think&DO team in Las Vegas

What about a week in Las Vegas, they said? I have to be honest, it didn’t thrill me to begin with. I’m not a big gambler, nor a high-roller but…Summit! That means swag, brain expansion, people to meet and of course Atlassian training to deliver

Atlassian TV at the Atlassian Summit 2019
Atlassian TV at the Atlassian Summit 2019

With so many things buzzing around, what really hit the sweet spot?

Emma and Dave deliver Jira Admin and Jira/Confluence Together Training At Atlassian Summit 2019

The training days were a priority for me. Being a Think&Do Training Assistant for the Atlassian Jira Admin classes with Emma Rush meant I got to meet loads of great people. I loved Emma’s superb and knowledgeable delivery of the course materials and when I wasn’t helping from a technical perspective, I came in useful translating her typically dry, British sense of humor to those who needed it!

Emma Rush delivering Jira Admin Training at Atlassian Summit 2019
Emma delivering official Atlassian Jira Admin training at Atlassian Summit 2019

At the same time, Dave Gee was delivering the brand new Jira & Confluence Together class to a packed-out audience. I’m not sure how well his jokes went down but Dave got incredible feedback on his training delivery, people loved his classes.

Dave Gee teaching Jira and Confluence Together at Atlassian Summit 2019
Dave Gee teaching Jira and Confluence Together at Atlassian Summit 2019

So much winning!

What else? The expo was as busy and compelling as ever and I even won a GoPro Camera thanks to the lovely people at Gliffy.

Emma Rush with the camera I won from the Gliffy team
Emma Rush with the camera I won from the Gliffy team

Meeting up with friends old and new

It’s always great to see the Canadian, Australian and Spanish team of Comalatech but I’m afraid that Mate is not my cup of tea at all (Mate is a type of a traditional South American herbal tea that Comalatech gave away to visitors at their stand). 

The Comalatech team drinking mate tea at Atlassian Summit 2019 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Comalatech for the last year or so, building their Workflows classes and helping with documentation for their exceptional suite of Apps for Atlassian products, but I learnt even more by visiting their stand; there’s always something to learn at Summit.

One of the big highlights was the Atlassian welcome, especially from the University and Certification teams.  It’s always great to get together with friends, old and new and share ideas and plan for the future.

And what about next time? More of the talks, more Official Atlassian training and more of the vistas. Yes Red Rock Canyon was amazing, but I want to be prepared for the more energetic exploration of the Hoover Dam and the Mojave desert. Luckily, Atlassian Summit 2020 was confirmed as being in Las Vegas so hopefully, I’ll check those off the list next year.

If you missed out on Atlassian Summit 2019, don’t worry, you can catch up on all of the presentations and talks here.

And if you missed out on the training at Summit, why not sign up for Official Atlassian Jira and Confluence Training with us! For more information about Think&do’s Atlassian training courses, please visit our class listings page. 


Rob M