Jira & Confluence Together: The Issue Collector

We deliver the official Atlassian course , Jira Confluence together. This blog post shows you more of what you can do with the integration between the products.

Atlassian Summit 2017: Talks and Events for Business Users

Summit 2017 is upon us, and as a business user of the Atlassian products, it can be daunting to navigate your way through the schedule of sessions and demos.  While at first it might seem that Atlassian Summit is only for technical users of the tools, there’s plenty going on for everyone. My top picks […]

New Confluence interface makes for better productivity

At Summit Barcelona this March, when Atlassian revealed they were transforming the user interface for Jira, Confluence, and other products. There was a noticeable gasp from the audience. Fear of change perhaps? We all know that once we get used to working in a particular way day in day out with the same software we […]