Comala Workflows Training

Add more control over Confluence documents

If you want to add more control over your Confluence document development process, one excellent highly rated and widely used Atlassian Marketplace add-on is Comala Workflows.

Think&Do have been working in partnership with Comalatech producing documentation and of course, training. We offer two training courses for Comala Workflows.

Getting Started with Comala Workflows

In this course you will add and apply Comala Workflows to your Confluence content to get your team collaborating and developing your documents with easy addition of content approvals and the assignment of content reviewers and tasks.

Getting Started with Comala Workflows

Getting More from Comala Workflows

Develop flexible, dynamic and portable Comala Workflows 

Getting more from Comala Workflows will show you how to develop flexible and portable workflows so the workflow can be used by different teams and across space content within Confluence. You will add triggers to action responses to changes in the workflow, set conditions for content reviews and triggers, create sequenced and parallel reviews and use workflow parameters to allow individual teams to manage reviewers or content expiry time periods.

The Comala Workflows training also shows you how to use the included Workflow reporting macros to add flexible dynamic reports to your content to keep your team informed.

Getting more from Comala Workflows

In both courses, you will use a range Comala Workflows bundled templates and undertake a number of hands-on activities authoring and editing workflows to meet different needs.

Simply send a form request to Think&Do. We will provide all details of the available training programmes.

You can also contact Comalatech directly to help support you.

Transform the way you manage content

Add simple or complex review and approval processes to your Confluence pages and spaces. Create tasks, and receive notifications automatically.

As Comalatech’s training partner, we provide training for their Comala Workflows app.