Getting started with Comala workflows

This is an intermediate introduction to Comala Workflows.

Course summary

After this course you will be able to build and edit basic workflows as well as use and apply Comala Workflows from workflow templates.

Duration:  3.5 hours
Level:  Beginner/Intermediate


  • Introduction to Comala Workflows
  • Build and create Comala Workflows using Comala Workflows Builder
  • Understand Comala Workflow states
  • Understand and work with transitions
  • Create approvals
  • Work with tasks


  • Introduction
  • Comala Workflows Concepts
  • creating, editing, and applying Workflows templates
  • Managing milestones in your documentation process using Workflows States
  • Using Workflows transitions
  • Adding content reviews
  • Managing content using tasks
  • Space-level Workflows


This course is intended for Confluence editors and authors or anyone who wants to understand how to use and create Comala Workflows. You should be an intermediate user of Confluence with experience of adding and editing content in Confluence.


Good working knowledge of Confluence and its basic administrative functions is recommended. Completion of the two official Atlassian Confluence training courses will assist attendees in understanding some of the administrative and advanced Confluence user activities. Attendance on the Confluence Server Essentials or Confluence Server Administration courses is recommended.